Valuable Tips For Maintaining Marble Floor Tiles

Posted on Jul 26, 2018

Marble has been among the most preferred stones for construction purpose, since olden time. This stone possesses some remarkable properties that include softness, durability, relative isotropic, heat resistance property, fire resistance property and homogeneity. However, if marble floor tiles are not maintained properly then after some time, you may witness deterioration of the quality of the Marble Floor Tiles. Majority of people believe that since marble stone possess lot of good attributes, it is easy to maintain marble tiles, but it is not so. In case, if you don’t want the tiles to be damaged, you need to learn about the valuable tips related to the maintenance of the marble floor tiles. Let’s have a glance on those valuable tips.


Lot of people doesn’t know that marble’s tile surface has a tendency to get damp due to the water and if the floor is not cleaned immediately, it might lead to staining. Besides water, if drinks or food is spilled on the floor by mistakenly then marble tile are stained. Generally, people wonder that despite of cleaning the floor immediately, the stains don’t go away completely. At times, it has been observed that the color of the marble floor tiles becomes fade or there is a change in the original color of the floor. You need to know that which cleanup fluid will be most appropriate for the marble tiles of your home.

One of the most effective ways to enhance the longevity of the tiles is to clean the tiles on frequent basis. Even if you not able to clean it with cleanup fluid, at least sweeping them or vacuuming the tile on frequent basis would ensure that the surface of the tiles don’t break down.

It has been observed that sometimes the quality of the Marble Floor Tiles deteriorate due to the dirt particles. It may sound surprising that scratch of your pet may not harm the tiles but dirt particles can really have a bad impact on the quality of the tiles, in the long run. If dirt particles persist for a longer duration of time on the marble’s floor surface, the tiles may be cracked also. Another least expensive and one of the most effective ways to maintain the tiles is, to rinse off the tiles with soap or water. Never forget to dry the marble tile after rinsing it off.


If you don’t mind spending some extra bucks then buying a good quality commercial cleaning agent would be an excellent way. Always ensure that whatever cleaner you select, must have neutral pH or that cleaning agent must be exclusively meant for cleaning marble. Never opt for an acid based cleaner like vinegar because that has a tendency to break down the marble’s surface and completely destroy it.

Marble certainly enhances an aesthetic appeal of your house but just few people know how to maintain the Marble Floor Tiles properly. Though, marble is durable but due to possessing a quality of being extremely porous, it absorbs stains. Thus, if you want your marble floor tiles to last for a longer time and want to maintain their attractiveness, you must pay utmost attention towards maintaining them.

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