Where is Natural Stone found?
Natural stones are found in all countries across the globe. A natural stone may either be found beneath earth, earlier sea beds featuring sediment collection, mountains, etc.

How long can a Natural Stone last?
If proper care is being taken then a Natural Stone can last for ages.

What is the meaning of "quarrying"?
A natural stone is being extracted from a quarry by a quarrier. A quarry is that place where stones deposit, which lies beneath the surface of the earth, is being extracted. In simple words, Quarrying is a name given to the process of stone extraction.

Does Natural Stone & Engineered Stone indicate one & the same thing?
The answer is No because Natural Stones are basically a nature’s product. They are formed by the pressure & heat beneath the surface of the earth. It takes million of years in the formation of these stones. On another hand, engineered stones are basically man-made. They are being produced in the factories & are manufactured of natural stone, which are crushed & after that they are being tied together by polyester or acrylic resins.

Why do the color & the texture differ from one stone to another stone?
Being a nature’s product a Natural stone is subject to the variations. Features like mineral deposits & veining are bound to affect every single piece. All Natural stones are distinctive hence, no two stones are found similar.

What is the weight of a pallet of stone?
Approximately 3000-4000 lbs.


Can a Natural Stone be used for paving indoors?
The answer is Yes, but one must ensure a proprietary sealant in order to lend protection against staining of surface & dusting.

What does a term ‘remnant’ implies?
They are basically remaining pieces of small size of stone, which are left from a former job. Remnants are basically sold at a low-price & they are being used for fireplace hearths, vanity tops, stepping stones, smaller kitchens & ledges.

Can I have curves & arches in my countertop?
The answer is Yes, since all kind of Natural Stone can easily be created in accordance with your specifications.

How to clean granite?
One is not supposed to use any kind of harsh material on the granite like metal brushes, scouring powder, etc. Even one is not supposed to use any kind of chlorine based cleaners, alkalis, bleach, concentrated disinfectants, photographic development liquid, etc. Simply clean warm water will suffice & one may add a non-harsh neutral detergent. After rinsing, one should let it dry instantly in order to avoid watermarks.

Can the work surface lose its shine?
If it is kitchen then a stone work probably may lose its shine. However, that is natural. One may find dull patches under the areas of high wear but through renovation, one may restore the shining of the surface.

What does cultured stone mean?
A Cultured stone is basically a man-made product, which has been in existence from past 40 years. It features diverse styles, textures & designs & is available in different colors. A cultured stone weighs lighter than a natural stone & it is extremely competent in retaining its aesthetic appeal & color for many years.

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