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Granite is very similar to marble and is the most durable stone among natural stones. In the initial level, granite was used to make the monuments, but due to the versatility of this product it is being used in business houses and even in homes as well. Granite is the toughest material and thus is bit expensive to but this stone is a real value for money. This stone is not only used for floorings but is also used for wall tiles as well as for kitchen slabs.

There are many forms in which this stone is available in the market such as tiles, rough blocks, slabs. The basic color in which this stone is available with us are grey, green, red and black. In terms of durability and toughness, granite takes over marble. Less maintenance is required in granite due to its dark color.

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This stone should be also installed by experts. There are machines which are designed for these stones only and the same should be used for the cutting and installing these stones. The maintenance of a big block of granite is not possible so it always better to opt for small size or tile size blocks as these are easy to maintain and there are less chances of breakage. These tile size pieces stand more durable and elegant. At ENS, you will find every shape, size and color of Granites.

The sculptures made from granite are undoubtedly very graceful but due to the dark base the clarity is less, so it is less preferred and this is expensive too. Along with this, the stone is so tough that it is difficult to give the proper shape to the sculpture. But the ones created are very valuable. So, if you are planning to opt for granite, then make sure that you have an idea with the variety as well the range in which these are available, this will help you to chose the one which suits best as per you requirement.

At Elegant Natural Stones, you will find the best on earth collection of granite. From Kashmir White to Mokalser Green, Imperial Pink, Copper Silk, Raniwara Yellow or Sindoori Red, all granite varieties are available in abundance and in every possible size.

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