Natural Honed Stone Finishes

Stones feature diverse surface textures & finishes in accordance to their formation. These days, the surface texture of stones can be customized as well. However, there exists following seven main varieties of surfaces, which are being used:

This kind of surface texture is obtained by ripping along cleavage’s line in order to reveal natural texture & grain, which gives a surging surface featuring great character.

marble finishes

This kind of surface is created by grinding surface through some high grit material. However, colors of Honed stone don’t appear as vibrant as refined stones but a smooth finish featuring a minor sheen is created with the help of polishing head.

granite finishes

granite finishesThis kind of surface is roughly polished so that a semi-smooth finish can be obtained. This kind of finish is obtained by employing gang saw. This kind of finish works as a complimentary to other kinds of stone work. This finish is mainly used for gate entries, landscape designs, patios, design applications, walls, etc.

Bush Hammered
This refers to a hammering action which leads to a textured surface.

This kind of surface texture is basically a reflection of polished crystals, which bring out the vibrant grains & colors of natural stones. Stone surface’s shine is obtained by polishing powders & bricks, which are used during the process of fabrication instead of coating.

This kind of rough surface is obtained by bursting crystals during the process of heating the stone. This surface features an uneven textured finish & used widely on vertical applications & floor tiles. Particulate, vein patterns & color differ from one block to another. The areas of application include fireplace facings, inner hearths, work surfaces featuring fire resistant, etc.

Sand Blasted
This kind of finish bears a striking resemblance with cleft. Textured surface of sand blasted finish features a matte gloss.

Stone Finishes

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