Stone Pillars Specifications

Standard Specifications.

We can also supply Stone Pillars in various sizes and specifications to fulfill individual customer requirements. Each stone is unique in its character and properties and hence variation must be expected.

The given pictures are for reference only and the actual Stone Pillars may vary in color, tone, marking and texture.

Types Marble Stone Pillars , Granite Stone Pillars , Sandstone Stone Pillars 
Finishes Natural, Honed, Polished, Chisel, Bush Hammer, Sandblasted, Mosaic,  etc. Many many available finishes as per customer requirement.
Available Colors White, Black, Grey, Brown, Green, Yellow, Beige, Red, etc. Many many available colours whatever customer needs and as per available in material marble, granite, sandstone,   limestone, etc. Or any other natural stones
Size As per buyer requirement
Marble Stone Pillars

Stone Pillars are used as decorative landscaping stones and come in various hues and sizes and find usage in homes, artificial, outer space, terrace, porch area, swimming pool area , elevation area, out houses, interior, exterior and gardens.

Stone Pillars are used at a large scale for various interior designing purposes due to their fireproof nature and low maintenance cost.

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