Advantage Of Choosing Indian Limestone Slabs

Posted on Jun 3, 2019

Indian Limestone Slabs have an exquisite and elegant natural surface. It comes in colors with extremely high density, and its pores are fewer than other different stones, making it extremely hard. Its properties like anti-slip and surface gloss make limestone slabs perfect for patio paving and outdoor garden.

Limestone slabs are wear-safe and reasonable for any kind of weather, exceptionally popular in India and the world. Indian Limestone Slabs paving is also resistant to corrosive fluid erosion. However one should remember to use a mild or neutral alkali based cleaner to clean and maintain the limestone slabs.

Use Our Indian Limestone Slabs For The Ultimate Functionality, Strength, And Style

Add warmth to any space with limestone ledges and countertops. It’s easygoing and comfortable intrigue is extraordinary for any space that needs the mild appeal of its delicate beige’s and tans. Limestone is an easygoing stone made at the surface of the ocean as residue settles and its weight in the long run pressurizes into a solid surface.

Limestone slab is an incredible alternative for outdoor fixtures, for example, swimming pool surroundings, patios and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It’s additionally perfect for indoor environments, for example, passages and washrooms in workplaces and homes. Limestone tiles are an ideal alternative for wet territories since they are non-slip and dry rapidly because of their absorption of water. Limestone pavers differ marginally in appearance, giving every application an exceptional look.


For the exterior of your property:

• Landscaping
• Walkways
• Patios
• Balconies
• Driveway

For the interior of your property:

• Bathrooms
• Countertops
• Flooring
• Tables
• Fireplace


• Flexible and Versatile

Limestone is in a perfect world appropriate for an assortment of vehicle traffic and pedestrian applications. Given installation guidelines are pursued and the right substrate is put down to help the proposed load, limestone slabs can be installed around pool sides, driveways, paths, and patios in an assortment of residential and commercial contexts.

• Environment-friendly and Sustainable

Limestone pavers are more environmentally friendly and sustainable than solid alternatives. These will pale in noteworthiness to the pollution, carbon footprint, and energy of manufactured concrete products.
Natural occurring stone is a standout amongst the most sustainable construction materials on earth, as assets of stone on the planet are tremendous, copious and go back to millions of years. As a naturally occurring product, limestone is recyclable and can be utilized as reclaimed paving.

• Increases the resale value of your home

Limestone finishing is an obviously better investment than other concrete counterparts. Utilizing limestone will enhance the value to your home versus concrete inevitably. On the off chance that you sell your house, buyers tend to pay more money due to the curb appeal.

• Naturally Secure

A significant benefit of naturally occurring stones, for example, limestone is that they, for the most part, have a non-slippery surface. Indian Limestone Slabs are an extraordinary choice for porches and around pools. Limestone pavers have likewise a strong resistance to frost, which means they are not susceptible to frost damage similarly as fabricated concrete items.

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