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Posted on May 3, 2019

Granite is a typical sort of felsic, intrusive, molten rock which is phaneritic and granular in the surface. This stone comprises for the most part of feldspar, mica, and, quartz. It is one of the hardest materials out there. It is durable, strong, and accessible in any variety of textures and colors. It is the top choice for kitchen ledges and is generally used as wall tile and flooring. In view of its excellent quality and strength, granite is appropriate for exterior applications, for example, cladding, curbing, and paving, beating different materials in terms of physical attributes, maintenance, and life durability.

India is one of the major manufacturers, suppliers, and exporter of natural Indian Granite Tiles, slabs, and blocks in various finishes, measurements, and color patterns. Properties like high resistance towards pressure, water, heat, abrasion as well as acidic environment make this natural stone an extraordinary interest in the worldwide market and also have a huge demand. Granite is revamped as a popular architecture and design material and India has vast reserves of these natural granites.

Granite’s Proven Track Record

Decorators and builders throughout the past have depended on the magnificence, quality, and nature of this fine rock for quite a long time. Also, its prevalence in businesses and residential homes has developed in the past decade. From the ancient pyramids of Egypt to present day commercial flooring, structures including granites are amazingly beautiful and almost indestructible.

Its thickness and sturdiness make granite profoundly resistant to damage. Minerals like mica, feldspar, and quartz scattered all through the stone lend a sparkling, shimmering crystalline appearance under sunlight and artificial lights.

Polished Granite tiles are an exquisite and handy decision for hallways, fireplaces, foyers, bathroom floors, kitchens, and basements.

What are the benefits of Indian Granite Tiles?

• Excellent Durability and Resiliency: Granite tile is intense and safe from stains and dirt patches.
• Heat Resistant: Granite tiles can withstand excessive temperatures without sustaining harm.
• Extraordinary Patterns: Every tile is unique and highlights particular veining, mottling or iridescent flecks.
• Neutral Shades: Granite tiles are accessible in neutral shades that can fit virtually any type of color scheme.
• Corrosive Resistant: Tiles are not damaged by most acidic sustenance or fluids.
• Antibacterial Surface: Tiles are more averse to harbor bacteria.
• Increases the resale value of your home: Natural stone lifts both market esteem and aesthetic appeal of your home.
• Financially Effective: For kitchen counters, these tiles are more affordable and simpler to install than other stone slabs.
• Maintenance: Tiles can be cleaned with a quick wipe and mellow detergent. Occasional fixing is required.
• Deep-rooted Shine: With legitimate care, the polished surface stays unblemished for the life of the tile and gives a beautiful shine.

Granite tiles are appealing, solid and flexible, and come in numerous styles and colors. They are impervious to stains and dampness. Can be utilized in various rooms and are also ideal for halls and all through your home. If you are looking at purchasing granite tiles, you can visit Elegant Granites for a wide range of options to choose from. Their collection will not only help you find the right product, but all at the ease of sitting at home.

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