Are Indian Granite Tiles Still In Vogue?

Posted on Jan 1, 2019

Nature has gifted mother Earth with abundance of resources and man’s ingenuity and creativity has literally left no stone unturned in decorating this world with some priceless structures and monuments. India too has been blessed in receiving these natural stones in abundance which when quarried from underneath the earth, turn into real wealth that is […]

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Remodel Your Kitchen By Installing Granite Countertop

Posted on Aug 6, 2018

There are no qualms that people are more particular than ever regarding their home decor. However, when it comes to the kitchen decor, the majority of the people turn a blind eye towards it. But from past few years, the number of those home owners is increasing who are opting for remodeling their kitchen. There […]

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Granite – Wonderful Stone Adding Wonders To Architectures

Posted on Jul 18, 2018

Granite is a commonly used stone for construction purposes. The term ‘granite’ has its origin from the word ‘grain’ it is basically a coarse grained stone. They generally come in pink, green and grey color and comprises of quartz, mica and feldspar. The stone is very hard and therefore is heavily used in all types […]

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