Remodel Your Kitchen By Installing Granite Countertop

Posted on Aug 6, 2018

There are no qualms that people are more particular than ever regarding their home decor. However, when it comes to the kitchen decor, the majority of the people turn a blind eye towards it. But from past few years, the number of those home owners is increasing who are opting for remodeling their kitchen. There are various stones that are competent in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. Granite is one such stone that can transform your kitchen and bathroom decor. Nevertheless, if a home owner does not pay attention to few important aspects prior to installing granite; he would not be able to yield good results. Choosing an appropriate granite stone is not an easy task. If you are also giving a thought about remodeling your kitchen, here have a glance on few tips that would help you to maximize your investment:


Personal visit to the showroom: In the wake of the growing popularity of online shopping, the majority of the people are opting for granite sourcing online. Well, that appears to be only solution if making a personal visit to the supplier is not possible. But if you can personally visit the showroom of a supplier, there is nothing better than that. It has been observed in the majority of the cases that there turns out to be some kind of difference when you see a granite stone on website and when you see that in real. In order to ensure about the proper color, quality and texture, it is better to see the variety of granite stone at the showroom of a supplier.

Pricing: There are few things that can enhance the price of the granite stone. Due to the change in the edges and radius, cost of a stone increases. If you will demand for the cutouts for the sinks, the price will escalate.

Select sink: Stainless steel undermount sink is the most common kind of sink. It has been observed that investing in a 16-guage sink makes more sense rather than investing in 18-gauge sink. There are available plenty of varieties related to the undermount sinks. You will not experience any kind of hassles in choosing the one for your lovely kitchen. There are many benefits of opting for the 16-gauge sink. It is little thicker and more than that, it is competent in resisting dents.


Select the edge profile: The edge profile refers to a design that is installed on the outer edge of the Granite Countertops. It is apparent the price will differ in accordance to the different edges.

Take a call on a backsplash: It is entirely your call that whether you want to have a granite backsplash or no. If you desire for the same, opt for the one with the common height i.e 4-inch backsplash. The recent trend is to go for a tile backsplash that begins at the countertop and continue further till the upper cabinets.

Personal visit to the stone supplier: In order to select a slab, you should personally visit the stone supplier. But before that you will have to visit the showroom of the fabricator as they will give you clear idea regarding the price. You can also visit the resourceful granite companies.

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