10 Surefire Ways to Clean a Indian Marble Floor

Posted on Aug 9, 2018

Marble being a part of limestone family is majorly composed of calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate can be easily traced in materials like teeth, bones shells and pearls. They have negative impact of solutions that are acidic and require proper handling as the surface can be scratched easily.

Consider the following tips for effective cleaning of Marble floors.

A dry and clean dust mop sweeper serves the purpose of cleaning best for removing the surface dust of marble floor which is usually left behind by shoes, pets and even through air circulation. In order to maintain the luster of the floor for ages avoid etch on the surface by cleaning the grit immediately.


The man made ceramic cleaners are extremely harmful for the natural stone and may result in imparting dull looks, adding stain and even damaging the floor. Calcium carbonate being the main component has adverse effect of any acids even the prolonged use of vinegar and water may prove harmful.

It is advisable to use cleaners that have neutral pH and are acid free. The floor can even be mopped temporarily with lukewarm water and should be dried with clean and soft cloth manually for a shiny look. Do remember to add matting or some non abrasive barrier in between plants, light floor fixtures, cabinets, trash receptacles, etc so as to avoid direct contact with the floor.

Application of scouring powder, creams or alkaline products may lead to scratch in floor as they contain small abrasive particles and are sharp enough to cause damage to the natural stone. Marble is a porous stone and it requires sealing once in few years to maintain its aesthetics. If the natural stone floor is unsealed, do remember to add a penetrating sealer so as to avoid percolation of water in the untreated marble.

The two important factors that are level of traffic on the floor and manufacturer’s warranty of the sealer can heavily impact the life and looks of the floor. It helps in reducing the floor maintenance over the period of time.


It is recommended against the use of vacuum cleaner, hand held, canister or upright on the marble floor as the wheels and even the materials such as plastic and metal in the hose or nozzle can easily scratch the surface of the natural stone, thereby causing serious damage.

Most often people use walk off mats or rugs outside the entry of Indian Marble Floor, this may be a cause of concern as they end up collecting a lot of grit and abrasive material which often gets carried forward to the floor and ends up in making a scratch on the floor.

Placing rugs are harmful in other ways too, the floor and the rug backing may end up having chemical reaction which can discolor the marble as well as can scratch it. Do have a periodic maintenance routine and in case of older floors rebuff the surface with the help of a professional.

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