Getting To Know the Various Uses of Indian Quartzite Stones

Posted on Oct 11, 2018

Quartzite is a naturally occurring metamorphic rock that has been derived from sandstone of pure quartz. The conversion of quartz sandstone into quartzite is completed usually through pressure and heat, which are related to the tectonic compression that are happening with the orogenic belts. The regular colors of pure quartzite essentially range it between gray and white.

However, some other mineral impurities like that of iron oxides render it colors of red or pink in varying shades. Various other kinds of mineral impurities also result in different shades of colors like green, blue, yellow, orange and many more. Since quartz is resistant towards chemical weathering, therefore the stone ridges are often found to be quite bare with often a covering of thin soil layer with negligible vegetation.

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Various uses of quartzite

The uses of Indian quartzite are many. They range from being decorative items to ballast in road and rail work. Some of the numerous uses of the stone have been listed as follows:

Decorative Purposes

Indian Quartzite forms an essential component in building decoration because of its pacifying colors in shades of gray or white as well as its glossy appearance. The sleek appearance makes the quartzite a lovely choice as a decorative item in building purposes. Moreover, the ability of the stone to have smooth edges on breakage helps to gains points for its selection as a building material.

Crushed Stone



The primary constituent of crushed stone is quartzite. Crushed stone is typically used in road works. Quartzite being a good in resistance against erosion and weathering is considered as the best choice for crushed stones.


Railroad ballast is a very important factor in matters of railways like holding the tracks when the train moves or facilitate water drainage. They are also used to keep the vegetation down so that they do not interfere with the tracks. Nevertheless, all these functions are performed excellently by the Indian Quartzite Stones. The additional factor of erosion and weathering resistance add up to the facilities that quartzite can provide.


The smooth textures of the Indian Quartzite stone as well as its light diffusing properties makes it a good choice as a landscaping material. The outdoor areas or the garden paths are aptly decorated with quartzite as their primary constituent. The smooth surface without rough edges makes the stone quite easy to walk upon, thus making it a preferred choice as gardening and landscaping material. Moreover, the non-porous structure of the stone makes it difficult for mould and algae to grow on them thereby making an impeccable pristine impression of the outdoor garden or landscape areas.

Statues and Ornaments

The smooth nature of the Indian Quartzite stone makes it a good candidate for use in statue and relics. The sleek and smooth finish of the stone makes it a good view for various kinds of statues. The Indian Natural Quartzite Stone Wholesaler are largest Exporters of supreme quality quartzite. They offer premium quality quartzite at an affordable price.

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