Granite: The Kitchen King

Posted on Jul 25, 2018

Every one wishes to keep the home in the best way possible. But for the house maker it is the kitchen that is the most important place in the house. Also, if the kitchen is airy, well ventilated and has clean surface, it remains hygienic and thus the family remains healthy. There are plenty of choices which are available for each and every building material in the market. But for kitchen one needs to make a choice among them. There are various factors which should be taken into consideration while finalizing these materials for the kitchen.

Kitchen form a very important place in every home so its look should also be the special one. The stone which holds first place in adding beauty to the kitchen is Granite. This is a very common but stone with some unique qualities. People prefer to opt for this stone in their homes as this adds a class to that place. This stone is available in huge variety and range. This is very tough stone and available in so many colors that will suit any kitchen decor.


Now regarding the decision to opt for which class of granite should be used, depends on various factors –

Budget – it is very important to decide the budget and the money that one is planning to spend on this as the second step can be initiated only after this.

Color – One should move on to the color selection since there are many color options, Choose the best one which suits the kitchen wardrobes and other fittings or the overall theme that you would like to give it to your kitchen.

Quality and Substance – It is very important to make sure of the quality and the substance used in that granite. Only an expert can distinguish between high and low quality Indian Granite Slabs . There are many substances which change their color with time span. There are various methods by which one can check the quantity like by rubbing nail enamel on the surface as this will help you to know that the granite countertop is artificially dyed or not.

Maintenance – There are various slabs which need more and expensive maintenance than the other ones. These are things which should be cleared at the time of purchase itself so that proper care can be taken.

Installation – Its is always best to get this stone installed by professionals only as a single miss out or leakage can spoil the look as well as durability of the stone. One can hire an installer from the company from where stone is purchased.

Proper check – The stone should be properly checked before getting it installed that is the cracks, stains, joint if any since if the slab is broken it is impossible to join the same, one can only do this with the help of cement but the joint will be very prominent one and this could spoil the looks of the stone in the kitchen.


One should always purchase these stones from a renowned company as it is a onetime investment. Although these companies may charge bit higher but will provide good quality product along with long-term durability assurance. These companies run a large business group and international visibility so the product they offer is surely of a very good quality.

There are many companies which have their presence all round the world. One is Elegant Granites that supplies granite and other building stone not just in India but in other parts of the world. One can also make the necessary choice online and then visit the place for the final deal.

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