How to Select the Best Indian Natural Stones for a House

Posted on Sep 7, 2018

When it comes to choose a stone for building and decorating your house, you may come across various options. Every natural stone is equipped with great properties and hence, it really gets difficult to make a right call. While choosing a stone, it is advisable to keep in mind, your personal liking, shape of a house, space of a house, budget, etc.

Now, let us gain some knowledge regarding few popular stone varieties:

Marble: This natural stone needs no introduction as humans have been using it for constructing eternal structures, since time immemorial. In terms of aesthetic appeal, it is extremely difficult for any other Indian Natural Stone to match with its aura. It possesses a capability of enhancing elegance of any area, where it is used. You can use this stone for flooring purpose, for your kitchen countertop, stairs, etc. As far as, accentuating house décor is concerned, again it takes the lead.


Marble artifacts, Marble Stone Pillars,  stone jaalis, statues, fountains, outdoor furniture appear exquisite. If you desire to own a space that is competent of providing you a proud feeling, you should count on this stone.

Granite: It is a popular stone choice in terms of construction of a house and uplifting its décor. This natural stone is equipped with several attractive properties. It scores well on versatility, durability, availability in color ranges, etc. However, majority of the people choose this stone due to its affordability aspect. It provides great results on being used for flooring, outdoor furniture, stairs, kitchen countertop, etc.

So far, it is known as most suitable choice for kitchen countertop. Now, it is extensively used for carving out diverse range of affordable stone artifacts. Since, it comes in such a huge range of color options; you will not face any kind of hassle in opting for a desired color that can synchronize with your color of walls.

Sandstone: Its popularity is growing by leaps and bounds in present time. It is durable, soft, and resistant to weathering and hence wide array of objects can be carved out from it. It is extensively used in making of pillars, numerous varieties of artifacts, jaali, etc. Apart from that, it can prove to be an excellent choice for an outdoor paving of your house as it requires low maintenance.


For fencing purpose surrounding outside walls or outside area of your house, it proves to be an apt choice. For uplifting appeal of your garden area, it again proves to be a great choice. You can think of a sandstone water fountain, sandstone statue, for adding a touch of elegance to your garden. It is a great stone choice to offer support to raised garden beds.

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