Marble – A Stone Used In World’s Finest Architectures

Posted on Jul 25, 2018

Marble has been enjoying a preferential treatment in the architecture, since classical times, due to various properties. Marble is the outcome of a process in which rocks are changed in texture, composition and their internal structure by various factors like pressure, heat and introduction of new chemical substances. A marble stone which is used in construction is basically made up of dolomite, calcite or serpentine, which is competent of undertaking polishing. Now comes an intriguing question that why marble takes a lead over other stone varieties. Well, marble stone possess some brilliant properties that make it an ideal choice for building material. Let’s have a look on those properties:


Softness: It is an extremely soft stone, however slightly a brittle one. Marble slabs possess an excellent feature to facilitate effortless carving and polishing.

Durability: When it comes to the most important aspect of the building called durability, marble stone also scores well. It has an amazing capability of withstanding adverse weather conditions. This is the only stone that is excessively used in structural and decorative purposes. In the construction of a building, it can be used in veneers, staircase, exterior walls, walkways, flooring, etc.

Heat Resistance: Marble is among the most excellent materials featuring heat resistance capabilities. Especially, during summer, marble keeps the temperature of the room comparatively cooler than other materials.

Fire resistance: Use of marble protects a structure against fire damages and due to the same reason; marble is extensively used in creating a fireplace as well.

Another commendable attributes of marble includes homogeneity, relative isotropic, softness, etc. Thus, there are no qualms that marble is truly an excellent choice for building material. Apparently, marble is the top choice for worldwide architects and sculptors and the same can be proved by various mesmerizing worldwide structures that were created long time ago. Let’s have a glance on those finest structures of the world, which were being created by using marble stones.


Taj Mahal: It speaks of a glorious tale of never dying love. This epitome was built by a great emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of his loving and beautiful wife, Mumtaz Mahal. The construction of this epitome took round about 20 years and numerous craftsman and artisans were involved in its construction. This is among those structures that reflect the aesthetic appeal possessed by the Marble Stone, in a most excellent manner.

Colosseum: Italy is that city, which has few of the most mesmerizing structures of the entire world. This oval-shaped amphitheatre is recognized as one the largest ever structure in the Roman Empire.

The pyramid of Cheops: This mesmerizing pyramid was constructed by using white marble and this was created for the Pharaon Khufu, better known as Cheops. Interestingly, it is gold which is seen from the above because the marble was covered by the gold.

Wat Benja marble temple in Thailand: This temple is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Bangkok. This temple was constructed by using marbles, imported from Italy.

The Parthenon: This temple is located at Athenian in Greece and is devoted to the Athena, a Greek goddess. This was constructed by using diverse kinds of marbles. Not only temple is made up of marble but the statue is also made up of precious Parian marble.

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