Marble – A Truly Wondrous Stone

Posted on Jul 27, 2018

Marble is one of the most fascinating alternatives for building home, commercial premises, different kinds of architectures and sculptures. Since olden days, people have felt a strong kind of attraction towards this stone material due to numerous reasons, but most specifically for its remarkable visual appeal. It is known to all that, an exquisiteness and elegance, possessed by this stone is unparalleled. This is one of the reasons, that in modern era also, its popularity is not only intact, but growing by leaps and bounds. Few of the popular marble stone categories include Carrara stone, limestone, green marble, cultured marble, etc.


How marble stone is formed?

The process of the creation of a Marble Stone is quite prolonged. When rocks undergo a process of heating up and pressure, various properties of the rocks witness transformation. Those properties include composition of a rock, texture and internal structure. During this ongoing process, the leading components of rock like calcite, dolomite, etc, go under a process called re-crystallization. It refers to a process wherein, the major components are re-crystallized once again in order to create large mineral crystals that are interlocked.

Properties of marble:

It is apparent that marble is considered as an ideal choice for construction purposes and purpose for creating splendid sculptures, due to possessing numerous properties. Are you curious to know that why people prefer marble for construction purposes and for creating sculptors? Have a look on some amazing properties possessed by a classic stone marble:

Smoothness: Despite of containing some natural brittleness in it, it turns out to be softer in comparison to the other stones. When it comes to the marble slabs, they are known to facilitate effortless carving and polishing.

Resilience: For architecture related purposes, the most important aspect is strength and marble scores well on it. Be it any kind of extreme weather conditions, it can withstand them. This is the reason that it is being given a serious consideration when it comes to the construction of flooring, stairs, exterior walls, etc.


Heat-Resistant: Since, it is heat resistant, people prefer using marble in construction purposes, especially for kitchen countertops. Due to possessing a resistant capability against heat, the kitchen area does not catch fire easily and apart from that, marble is also resistant to cracks, breakages and scratches.

Fire resistance: Besides being heat resistant, marble is also fire resistant. Due to the same reason, it proves to be an ideal stone choice for constructing home and commercial premises. In case, if a fire accident takes place, marble stone leads to least damage.

Uses of marble stone: Marble stone can be used in furniture, flooring, table tops, fireplaces, counterparts, foyers, handicrafts, etc. Apart from featuring some fascinating properties, people prefer using marble because it is easy to clean and offer brilliant artistic appeal.

Since, marble is a type of metamorphic rock; it varies extensively in terms of color, hardness, etc. It is next to impossible to find two marble pieces, similar to each other. Marbles also differ from one location to another location.

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