Marble – Marvelous Stone

Posted on Jul 20, 2018

Marble has been used since ages and is still the first choice of anyone who is on the lookout for a marble stone that is complete in itself. No other stone can be treated as its replacement. It has many advantages as compared to other stones. Some of these are:

It Helps build a finished dream house

Every person has a dream to build his house lavishly, sophisticated but what he comes across is the budget constraint. Everybody wants to use everything to the best and still wants to save at every step. To choose everything perfectly one really needs a thorough study of each and every material being used in the house.

Marble Slabs has every variety, the color you want

Marble stone is a natural stone and has been used since ages. Who can forget the white Tajmahal the best example of marble flooring and many other monuments? Nowadays marble has many varieties and is easily affordable by common man. It gives a royal look to your house and is easily available in various colors.

Marble Tiles is Eco–friendly


Since it is a natural stone created by earth it is Eco friendly and is sturdy as well and thus it lasts for decades. It can be cut into tiles, slabs, thick sheets.

Durable and can resist stains

Indian Marble Tiles are very durable; these can stay the same for many years. People say marble is difficult to maintain, but if properly cleaned every day its glow remains the same for ages. The polish coated on this stone helps it maintain its finish. These are also stain proof as the surface can be easily cleaned if any material drops on it without leaving any mark.

Best for kitchen flooring

Marble tiles are generally chosen according to the area where it needs to be put. Like in the kitchen, one must make sure that one uses the best that is the ‘A’ grade quality of marble as it is most durable and resistant. Kitchen is the place where there housewives work for maximum number of hours and it should appear clean always. So one can also use “tumbled” marble as it is also durable enough, free from breakage and resistant proof.

Can be refinished easily

After many years if one feels that the stone looks little pale and dull one can get it refinished with a very small amount. Refinishing adds to its glory. Maintenance of it is easier as it can be cleaned very easily. It is resistant to scratches and stains because of its density. If cared properly it can last for long and its beauty remains intact.

Adds to the resale value


As compared to wooden flooring or Kota stone, marble flooring marks the glory of the house. It attracts people and ads to the resale value of the building in which it is put and if high quality marble blocks is used.

Can be used everywhere

Indian Marble Slabs Supplier supply  marble slabs in wide range, different grades, colors and finishing and thus it can be used easily in bathroom, kitchen, living room and even in outer areas. Marble flooring marks its appearance. May it be an office or home the unique look it gives no other stone can give.

Keeps you healthy

The most important factor of marble is that it keeps you healthy. As compared to carpets and wooden flooring it is free from dust and germs and does not allow bacteria to develop. It has the natural ability to keep away microscopic particles which cause germs.

It is heat resistant

Marble does not absorb heat so these remains cool even in hot summer days. The coolness it gives on a hot day is unbeatable.

Mostly used in every infrastructure

Be it a hotel, office, home, hospital or a shopping mall, marble is the first choice of everyone. Used in any form the marble tiles, mosaic flooring, or slabs all have their own advantages. They add to the decor of every place.

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