Marble Stone: A Stone Capable Of Carving Mesmerizing Architectures And Sculptures

Posted on Jul 31, 2018

Marble stone has been among the most preferred alternatives for architectural and sculptural purposes. The popularity of the marble has been intact since olden time till today. No other stone has been able to outshine the exquisiteness and elegant appeal, offered by this stone. Apart from that, there are numerous properties that facilitate it in taking a lead among the category of the stones.

What is marble stone?

Indian Marble Slabs is made from a process that extends over a long span of time. During this process, due to heating and pressure within rocks, various aspects of the rocks including internal structure, composition and the texture, undergo a change. During this process, the major component minerals like dolomite or calcite goes under a process of re-crystallization, wherein they are crystallized again into large interlocking mineral crystals.


Why marble is ideal for architecture purpose?

Softness: Though marble is somewhat brittle in nature but still it is comparatively softer than other stones. Especially, marble slabs are equipped with an excellent property of facilitating easy polishing and carving.

Durability: In construction, durability of a stone is of utmost importance and marble stone earns brownie points, regarding the same. It can withstand any kind of extreme weather conditions. For the same reason, it is considered as an ideal stone for building up flooring, exterior walls, staircases, etc.

Heat Resistance: It is equipped with heat-resistant property and due to the same; it becomes possible for marble stone to keep the room temperature cooler in comparison to the other stones.

Fire resistance: It possesses resistance against fire and due to the same; it is possible to minimize the damages due to the fire mishaps. It is no wonder why, people give preference to it during constructing buildings and other architectures.

However, despite of possessing few brilliant properties, one needs to take care of the proper maintenance of this stone because if marble stone or marble tiles are not maintained properly, their beauty and quality, both begin deteriorating after a certain point of time. Let’s have a quick glance on those methods due to which, the longevity of the marble stone can be enhanced:


• Ensure cleaning of the marble tiles on regular basis. Cleaning up from special cleaning agent is not compulsory and even sweeping the tiles and thereafter vacuuming the same would suffice, in order to assure that there is no breakdown in the tiles.

• Rinsing off the tiles with a good soap and water will keep the dust particles at bay and thus, the longevity of the tiles can be extended up to a long period of time. Make sure about drying the tiles after rinsing it.

• If possible, invest in a quality-oriented commercial cleaning agent because that can really play an important role in maintaining the beauty of the marble, for a long period of time.

That was all about the marble used for construction purpose. When it comes to the sculpture then marble appears to fit the bill in an absolute incredible manner. It proves to be ideal for sculpture since calcite’s low degree of refraction allows light to infiltrate quite a few millimeters into the marble stone before scattering out. This property results into an exclusive kind of waxy look that infuses the life and sophistication into marble sculptures.

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