Sandstone: The Toughest Weatherproof Stone

Posted on Jul 20, 2018

Sandstone an extremely tough and hard rock. This is basically formed by sand when consolidated and bonded together with natural occurring cement like silica. This stone comes in various colors and the color of this rock basically depends on the cementing substance. These are available in brown, red, and pink, purple. These are cheap in comparison to other stone thus very widely and commonly used stone.

Due to its toughness characteristic it is very much preferred everywhere in homes as well as commercial building as this stone doesn’t lose its strength even in heavy water. The stone hardly gets impacted by rain, wind and other natural calamities.


Sandstone easily binds with cement. This stone is rough in nature so it doesn’t look dull even after years. Sandstone tiles is one which gets least or not at all impacted by acids and alkaline. This stone is bit rough in its basic nature but this calls for polish and smoothing once it is fitted on the surface.

Although this is bit heavy stone in nature but it is used in building walls, ceilings and sandstone flooring tiles. There are a huge number of buildings which are made up of this stone in the past and are still elegant and in same condition as they were constructed.

There are different categories of this and thus selection is done accordingly as for the outer area thick slabs or sheet is used as this area will be open. The material used can be rough. When it comes to inner area it should be thin and smooth in nature. There are many designer tiles which are made up of this stone and gives a very elegant look.

In older times, this stone used to come in simple form and same was applied but now a days many changes are done in this and a huge variety is available in market. One unique quality which this stone possess is that even after being so tough this can easily be cut into any size and shape. There are thousands of sculptures and monuments which are formed with this stone.


Indian Sandstone Flooring is one which has the maximum life span and minimum maintenance expense. The monuments which were created decades ago are still the same, very less damage is there and yes polishing and cleaning of the same is required time to time but that too is not very often.

This stones holds a huge scope in garden area as well as the fountains, furniture and landscaping is done with these stones only. As any other stone this too have certain demerits as well there can be narrow fractures in this stone. There is a moisture related problem in this stone.

In big slabs of stone at times there is a big break due to natural calamities so in that case it call for the whole slab to replaced and it cannot be joined with cement or other material. There is not a single monument where this stone is not available. One can easily differentiate this stone from others. This stone is the one which doesn’t need and add on feature or look in order to get sold.

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